A Technology Partner For The Psychedelic Movement.

Sessions is building an easy-to-use and secure platform that extracts meaningful insights from personal journals and recorded sessions to help improve psychedelic research, therapy, and knowledge mobilization. 

We have a mental health crisis. Psychedelic therapy can help.

For decades we have struggled to understand and treat mental health. In recent years, we have seen a resurgence of interest in using psychedelic therapy with substances like ketamine, psilocybin, ibogaine, MDMA and more to treat mental illness and improve people’s quality of life.

It’s a scary, exciting, and important time. Psychedelic nonprofits, businesses, and events are popping up and growing every day. There is so much to do. We believe one of the most valuable things we can do to help the psychedelic movement is to build technology to enable it. 

That’s what we’re doing here at Sessions. We’re developing incredible technology for the incredible needs of the emerging psychedelics space. 

From deep discussions with many parties who are part of the psychedelic ecosystem, we have discovered a need for an intuitive system to help collect and analyze data to better understand the effects of people’s psychedelic therapy and experiences.

The first project we are working on is software that helps capture, analyze, and manage psychedelic therapy sessions, clinical studies, journals, trip reports and more. With more data, we can improve treatment, research, public sentiment, and government policy to help make the healing potential of psychedelics a reality. 

We're Trying To Help Solve

$1 Trillion

Cost of depression and anxiety to global economy due to lost productivity.

1 in 6

People globally have one or more mental or substance use disorders.

1 Million

People who die by suicide every year. That is almost 2740 suicides per day.

Sessions is building for


Individuals who are using psychedelics and want a better way to capture and document their experiences. Sessions helps individuals understand themselves better, integrate their insights, and improve their quality of life.


For patients going through psychedelic therapy who want to improve how they self-monitor, understand the changes they are going through, contribute to research, and communicate with their treatment provider.

Researchers and Research Teams

Researchers and research terms who are consistently recording data and want to find better ways to capture and analyze their research participants as they go through treatment and clinical trials.

Clinics and Organizations

Clinics and organizations can better understand patients’ mood and pain data to provide better patient care and increase practice profitability.

Seamlessly capture and analyze text, audio, and video.

From our web app (native apps coming), you can easily record or import audio,  video and text. Speak will instantly analyze the content and generate an interactive widget to review and pull insights from.

Collect more valuable data by analyzing and transcribing media.

Whether you are journaling, doing research, or capturing a conversation, Sessions allows you to easily transcribe and analyze audio and video. Get a downloadable timestamped transcript that identifies individual speakers. 

Analyze and share with others to improve treatment and research.

Export your content into multiple file types including DOC, PDF, TXT, SRT, VTT and CSV. Share with cared ones, research organizations, and treatment providers. 

Improving Patient
& Clinic Experiences

Software for ketamine and psychedelic clinics and researchers, their patients and individuals having psychedelic experiences. Improve traditional questionnaires and forms with information-rich, easy to create audio and video notes.

Current Process

Many clinics, research organizations, and companies still use paper and pen questionnaires and lean heavily on a screening tools such as the PHQ-9 questionnaire to diagnose symptoms of depression.

This can lead to disappointing results and limited valuable data. We are here to try and help stop that from happening. Sessions can help treatment providers collect data and patients communicate better during their treatment period through easy-to-use processes and software.


Why Now?

Breakthroughs in speech and AI technology.

We’ve taken the innovations in the speech recognition and natural language processing space and applied them to solve the challenge of mental health and well-being. 


Keyword Extraction

Find the most prevalent keywords mentioned in audio and video notes.

Topic Inference

Identify the main topics based off speech content in the video or audio file.

Emotion and Sentiment Detection

Compare instances of positive and negative sentiment and emotions.

Automated Speech-to-text

Immediately get a transcript of your audio and video files that you search through and analyze.

Reviews From Ketamine Patients

“These treatments have dramatically helped my depression, anxiety, and overall mood. it has given me a new hope for life! i’m starting to feel like my old self again, which i haven’t felt like in years. would definitely recommend.”
“I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief.”
“I can’t really think of any experience in my life that’s been quite so profound. Ketamine has made the difference in virtually every aspect of my life in that before ketamine, I was really trending downward to a pretty dark place. There was not a lot of hope there; there was not a lot of joy there.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did You Build Sessions?

When Tyler Bryden was working through childhood trauma, the end of his hockey career, and intense revelations from plant medicine experiences, he used journaling. But, there were no platforms that enabled him to do audio, video, and text notes and then extract insights. So, he formed a team and started building Sessions.

Is Sessions HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Sessions stands in the highest privacy standards as authorized by HIPAA. All data is encrypted and stored on AWS servers. Prior to deploying the platform for the first time, patient consent is required and we will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you/your organization.

Why Should We Work With You?

Sessions has a deep respect for psychedelic therapy including ketamine, psilocybin, ibogaine, MDMA and LSD treatment. Our team is focused being the best software for individuals who are undergoing psychedelic therapy and for the clinics that are administering treatment. 

How Are Patients Monitored Now?

Currently, because ketamine clinics and other psychedelic therapy is just beginning to grow, there is a wide range of methods. Generally, most clinics use paper and pen methods like questionnaires and journals. However, only 11% of patients will keep a pen and paper mood journal. 

What Insights Are You Extracting?

Sessions is extracting meaningful information from users text, audio, and video including topics, keywords, sentiments. We are developing novel ways to extract vocal biomarkers to better understand user’s moods and progress.

How Can We Start Using Sessions?

Submit the contact form below to request a demo! One of our team members will get in touch with you. We will set up an in-person meeting or Zoom call to better understand your clinic, show you how Sessions works and customize a plan based on your needs to provide the best care. 

How Does This Help Patients?

Audio and video journals are intuitive and enable patients to become more mindful of their own mood. When treatment providers received self-reported information they can see up to almost 30% better outcomes. Sessions gives patients more understanding and control of their own mental health and well-being. 

How Does The Application Work?

Users can visit the web app (iPhone and Android apps coming soon). Users can then easily record audio and videos journals that get transcribed and analyzed instantly. Sessions can be used privately and be shared with treatment providers in-person or be shared through the application. The treatment provider and patient view the patient’s approved audio or video insights and make informed, data-driven decisions about treatment plan modifications. 

How Does This Help Clinics?

Clinics and treatment providers can better collect and understand patient’s moods to improve patient care and practice operations. Treatment providers get near instantaneous important information from patients that enable them to prevent relapse, modify treatment and improve patient’s long-term health. Instead of having expensive staff members focused on follow-up emails and calls they can focus on improving customer care and profitability. 

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